VMC Members

         Vidyalaya Management Committee  







Sh. Rakesh  Kumar  Singh, IAS

District Magistrate, Kanpur Dehat


Nominee Chairman

Sh. Jai Nath Yadav,

SDM, Akbarpur Kanpur Dehat

03 &




Two Eminent Educationist

(i) Sh. R.K.Chaturvedi,

Principal, Akbarpur Mahavidyalaya

(ii)Sh. Y.Bhakt

Principal JNV Mati, Kanpur Dehat



An Eminent Person of the Area Known for Outstanding Work in the Field of Culture

Smt Kanchan Mishra

President of Akhil Bhartiya Durga Parishad & Founder & Secretary of  SEVA

06 & 7

Two Parent Mambers


(i)Sh. Jahan Singh Yadav

(ii)Smt.Sangeeta Savita

II shift

(i) Dr. Parmeshwar Kumar Pandey

(ii)Sh Rakesh Dwivedi


An Eminent Doctor of the Area

Dr. Anita Singh CMO Mati Kanpur Dehat


Representative of SC/ST

Sh. Ram Shankar Gautam Chief Pharrmacist CHC Kanpur Dehat

Naveen Basti , Aghu Road Akbarpur


Teacher Representative

Sh. A.K.Tripathi (I Shift)

Ms Anjali Singh(II Shift)


Principal of KV

(Member Secretary)

Sh. A.K Rai  

Principal K.V.Mati ,Kanpur Dehat


Co-Opted Member

Sh.Manoj Yadav, Youth Welfare Officer,Kanpur Dehat


Chairman CGEWCC

Sh. Ram Singh, Vadijiya Kar Adhikari


Member Construction background

Sh. A.K.Yadav Ex.En. PWD Mati Kanpur Dehat ( Provincial Division)


Vidyalaya Executive Committee(VEC) of the Vidyalaya Management Committee 



Minutes of VMC Meeting held on 13.09.2016

Arrival of chief guest: S.D.M., Akbarpur, Kanpur Dehat felicitated by principal Sir Sh. C.B.Mishra with a bouquet.

This was followed by lighting of ceremonial lamp.

Welcome address and achievement record of the Vidyalaya pronounced by C.B. Mishra, Principal.

The centre stage of the agendas included the recruitment of contractual teachers, medical examination of students etc.
An exclusive motion was released by Hon’ble principal Sh. C.B. Mishra regarding an urgent need of recruiting contractual teachers, as the vidyalaya is undergoing, the crisis of teacher which eventually leads to various obstructions in achieving the cherished goals of education and also the safety and security of the students.

Sh. Mishra limelighted and acquinted the members with the problems being faced due to certain minor shortfalls that urgently needed to be addressed. He also proposed and saught assistance regarding the cleaning up of the campus for ensuring safe and clear play ground to the students.

This was followed by the testing of the drining water so as to ensure safe and clean water for the students. He also reiterated the need of imparting drill and training of fire fighting and disaster management. He saught cognizance of Hon’ble VMC Chairman and other members of the certificate of assurance of safety of the building.

Member Sh. K.S.Chauhan. Manager, Dev Samaj School, Akbarpur, Kanpur Dehat suggested the Landline phone numbers of the Vidyalaya and the principal on the letter pad of the Vidyalaya. He also questioned the reason for the storage of teachers and suggested the ways to ensure safety and security of the students after the school gets over on different vehicles in which the students travel to their homes.

Member Sh. Naveen Dixit, Social worker carried on the safety and security of the students, he not only gave suggestions but affirmed to standby to resolve the issue. He nearly addressed all the issues raised by Sh. C.B.Mishra and suggested ways to find solutions to the problems.

Member P.K. Pandey expressed his gratitude towards the Vidyalaya over academic excellence and integrity of teachers. He suggested and proposed to reconstruct the existing road with inter locking tiles.

Member Mr. R.K. Chaturvedi, Principal Akbarpur Degree College, Kanpur Dehat addressed various issues concerning the well being of the VIdyalaya smooth functioning.

Member Mrs. Kanchan Mishra, Social Activist expressed here concern over the safe arrival and departure of the vehicles carrying the students.

Interrupting the course member  Sh. Y. Bhakt, Principal JNV, Mati,  Kanpur Dehat suggested o find ways to address the issue.

Mrs Kanchan Mishra expressed her concern over the disciploine and conduct of the students. She called for the need of motivating and guiding students to groom their behavior and character.

Member Shri M C Dohare, Lecturer Dayanand GA inter College, Badhapur raised the issue of difficulties faced by the parents in availing the SGc certificate. He therefore called for its settlement.

Sh Tahsildar shahab said that since the vidyalaya has been performing very well therefore there are a lot of expectations from all the sides.

He said that the vehicles problem of students must be addressed to even beyond the norms and the Principal shall do all tha is in the favor and well being of the students.

He directed that the school building terrace and the water tanks and drainage must be well checked frequently.

He affirmned to arrange for the training programme for fire safety and disaster management.

The meeting was concluded with Vote of thanks given by Sh. Sunder Lal, PRT, KV Mati.